Masterarbeit (abgeschlossen)

Rohit Balasubramanian


Numerical Investigation of Pollution Dispersion in a Virtual City

The numerical simulations of dispersion processes in the atmospheric boundary layer flow over a virtual city is performed. The local tracer source (Scalar pollutant) is located on the bottom in one street canyon. The influence of different mesh refinements, wind directions and roof configurations on the concentration distribution of the scalar tracer and on the flow values have to be analyzed.
Proper domain sizes and mesh concepts for high quality meshes have to be generated for the given geometry. All simulations shall be performed using the generated meshes with the com-mercial code ANSYS CFX.

Lehrstuhl und Betreuer

Lehrstuhl für Windingenieurwesen und Strömungsmechanik
(Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Höffer)



Prof. Dr. -Ing. R. Höffer, Dr.-Ing. C. Wevers