Masterarbeit (abgeschlossen)

Yash Dadhania


Investigation of the influence on the wind forces while modelling geometric ground roughnesses in the vicinity of a building using computational fluid dynamics

The investigation of wind around buildings in an urban configuration in the lower part of the atmospheric boundary layer (0-200 m) is crucial in many wind environmental problems, including natural ventilation design, pedestrian comfort, air pollutant dispersion and wind loading on the buildings. Solving wind-environment problems requires the study of wind flow into an urban configuration. With the development of computing resources and grid-generation techniques, an increasing number of researchers have adopted computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in their investigation of urban wind environments. The accuracy of CFD simulations relies on many factors, and to the knowledge of the researchers, computational domain and representation of surroundings are the prerequisite to acquire accurate results.

In order to get the accurate result, a systematic study of the influence on the wind forces during the modelling geometric surface roughness in the surroundings of the target building with the use of CFD is of great interest. In addition to the modelling geometric surface roughness in the surroundings, this work considers the influencing parameters like how large surrounding should be considered as a detailed building structure around the target building which impacts the results as well. Based on the evaluation of these investigations, the relevant influencing parameters which affects the wind loading calculations should be derived and current relevant methods and studies should be assessed in this context.

Lehrstuhl und Betreuer

Lehrstuhl für Windingenieurwesen und Strömungsmechanik
(Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Höffer)



Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Kalender